The Challenge

The product of 30 years of collaboration between SAP themselves and many of the world’s largest organisations, SAP boasts unparalleled built-in capability centred around a core of business best practices. In practice however, internal IT teams don’t always understand industry best practice. Where that happens, the company’s ability to realise the benefits of SAP might be compromised.

What AG Provides

At AG we understand the real world of business. Many of our consultants have an industry background, having worked for some of the most successful companies. As a result, we know what works in practice and what doesn’t. We excel at understanding your unique business requirements and industry best practice and applying these in SAP. The result is systems that are fine-tuned and crafted to your specific needs.

Our Approach

At AG we firmly believe that the best way to start an SAP project is by understanding the underlaying business drivers and challenges. Sometimes we find that business requirements need further definition before the project can get started, in which case we are happy to step in and help you to shape these.

Some of our clients engage us right from the start, which helps to ensure clarity, alignment and buy-in from all key stakeholders. AG has strong relationships with industry-specific best practice leaders. We have a proven track record of converting industry methodologies into an SAP landscape that is truly fit for purpose, helping you to achieve business Excellence.

Benefits of the AG Solution

  • Real World
    Real World

    We understand real-world business challenges.

  • Quality Outcomes
    Quality Outcomes

    We adapt best practices to cater for specific needs.

  • Rapid Delivery
    Rapid Delivery

    We provide accelerated, fit for purpose solutions.

  • Innovation

    We can innovate at any stage of a business process.

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Case Studies
Maintenance Excellence (EAM)

When this leading independent exploration and production (E&P) company embarked on a 4-year journey to set new standards in safety-critical maintenance, they chose AG as their SAP implementation partner.

AG developed the SAP design, defined the standards in SAP of huge amounts of complex maintenance data and carried out all data remediation activity. The work allowed the company to achieve IT processes and data in SAP that were fully aligned to their business and industry best practice – such as ISO 14224. While their Maintenance Excellence Programme is not yet complete, with the help of AG they are fast realising a fully structured, preventative and predictive approach to maintenance management.

SAP Design & Process Review (JVA/PS)

This leading Oil & Gas business’ joint venture accounting (JVA) month end was characterised by frequent delays, a problem aggravated by a recent change in the business environment. AG conducted a review of their SAP JVA solution design and processes and found a number of candidates for improvement.

Lack of onboarding and succession planning was an issue, together with complex SAP system tasks required from accounting resources, lack of automation and manual reports, and poor understanding of the SAP reports and outputs. By showing how they could optimise their use of the system and people resources, AG helped the company reduce risk, improve efficiency and remove the road-blocks to a smooth period end.

SAP Process Governance

AG helped a leading cosmetics and skincare company to drastically improve the process in SAP responsible for the development of new products and promotions. Eight different departments and  thousands of items were involved in a disjointed process that saw each team add master data to SAP without sufficient or correct information. This led to errors and multiple stages of corrections.

AG introduced intelligent forms and workflow allowing each department to easily complete their step of the process thanks to a simpler, user-friendly interface and correct and complete information from the stage before. The result was better process governance, data right first time and a much shorter process.

Ready to Optimise Your SAP for Business Performance?