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Webinar Recording

Add fuel to your SAP Automation Journey, by the people who know you best!

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Add fuel to your SAP Automation Journey, by the people who know you best! Webinar Recording

With an ever-increasing demand on organisations to adopt automation, Citizen Developers (or the more formal definition: a “non-technical user that creates simple automations for themselves and their departments”), are key employees who can play an important role in your company’s automation journey.
With a myriad of opportunities for innovation and efficiency gains, it's difficult for specialist IT teams to keep pace -  but there is an answer and it’s right in front of you! Empowering employees to craft simple software automations to help them with their jobs can instill a culture of innovation throughout your organisation and leave the specialists, like AG, to tackle some of the larger and more complex automation opportunities.

This webinar details how AG can facilitate an environment for your employees to drive grass roots innovation and how this can supplement and work in harmony with an overall Digital or Automation Strategy.
Download the webinar resources and learn how you can add fuel to your Digital Automation Journey with the people who know you best!

You’ll discover:
  • How AG & UiPath RPA experts can empower your employees by creating an environment with all the necessary resources, tools and training
  • Ways to provide your employees with access to modern applications to help them do their job more efficiently whilst reducing the burden on your IT team
  • Ways AG can aid your teams to scale and deploy the more complex automation solutions without adding additional pressure on your IT department

  • Methods to help your organization become ‘digitally independent’ and gain a competitive edge by embracing your citizen developers

The webinar includes:
Demo 1 – How to build a Simple Automation with UiPath – for your Super Citizens
Demo 2 – Overview of a more advanced Use Case
Demo 3 – High impact Enterprise Grade Solution helping to condense Finance Month-End

Download Webinar Recording