The Challenge

Delays and inconsistencies within Sales Operations often lead to delays in onboarding new customers and may ultimately results in lost sales. For example, the internal processes and administration involved in setting up new customers in SAP can be painful and prevent new sales from closing due to a bad first impression.

What AG Provides

We review critical Sales & Distribution processes with a view of identifying bottlenecks and providing solutions that eliminate inefficiencies. For example, we introduce simple tools and automation that reduce master data creation and management efforts and the need for training while improving responsiveness and quality. The solutions we provide are scalable across geographies and facilitates process standardisation.

Our Approach

We combine strong experience in Sales with rich SAP knowledge to help you evaluate your Sales & Distribution processes and identify key areas for improvement. AG uses a cost vs. benefit approach to assist you in prioritising strategic initiatives. The solutions we provide enable data standardisation across the Sales process, reduce manual, repetitive tasks using automation techniques, provide easy to use interfaces that improve data governance and quality and adopt the SAP security model. We also ensure that any solutions align with your SAP digital transformation journey, thereby minimising the impact on your IT systems.

Benefits of the AG Solution

  • Automation

    We embed data & process governance for efficiency.

  • Insights

    We help achieve greater, more accurate insights.

  • Innovation

    We streamline & simplify your user experience.

  • Increase Revenue
    Increase Revenue

    We can simplify & accelerate your sales processes.

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Case Studies
SAP Customer Master Data Innovation

AG helped an oil & gas supermajor with one of the most complex SAP landscapes in the world to improve customer master data synchronisation across multiple IT systems.

The challenge was to extend and enhance the existing solution so that it could cope with complex business scenarios, different statutory requirements and 60+ SAP instances across 70 countries. The solution also needed to be able to handle different types of updates, from bulk uploads to individual and mass changes. The result was a robust, yet easy to use and maintain solution for global customer data integrity and accuracy that could be easily rolled out to other countries.

AG Smart Invoicing & Trading Settlements Reporting

The trading arm of a multinational energy business asked AG for help with automating invoice and settlement reporting. The team were using Power BI for their analytics but were running 10+ reports in SAP to extract the data. This would then be dumped into Excel, reformatted and uploaded onto Power BI. AG brought great efficiencies to the process. Using Winshuttle, they moved data extraction from multiple SAP screens and reports to a user-friendly spreadsheet that captured only the required fields. The spreadsheet was then be uploaded onto Power BI, making a time consuming and prone-to-error process a breeze.

SAP Design & Operations Review

This IT service provider engaged AG to run an independent assessment of their S/4HANA system following a recent implementation as they were struggling to realise the benefits.

AG conducted an assessment of the SAP system and related business processes which resulted in specific recommendations and quick wins. Areas included: licence usage optimisation, SAP training to reduce reliance on external support, streamlining of month end and moving data and reporting from external databases and Excel to S/4HANA for improved efficiency and visibility. The quality of the review meant that AG was awarded the implementation of all system changes and as well as the ongoing support and maintenance of S/4HANA.

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