Date: Thursday, 25 June 2020
Time: 2:00pm
Location: Zoom Meeting

Discover how to get more out of SAP by applying RPA – using UiPath’s Automation Hub

Complex applications such as SAP capture a huge volume of data which provides valuable insights for the business.  The challenge is that many SAP processes require a lot of manual, monotonous work to get the data into the system, which is time-consuming, prone to human error and lowers overall productivity. This is where applying Robotic Process Automation (RPA) can help to optimise the true potential of SAP and your employees.
RPA is one of the fastest growing technologies that replaces humans with software robots to automate repetitive business processes; freeing up the time of staff to focus on more value-added tasks. Ultimately these improvements can lead a to boosted revenue, business growth and employee satisfaction. However, the challenge for many businesses is how to begin their RPA journey and which process should they automate first?
This virtual meetup will equip you with the know-how on how to begin your RPA journey for SAP. It will showcase the most common use cases for SAP Finance, IT, HR & Supply Chain and demonstrate how UiPath’s Automation Hub can add real value by assisting you through the process of collecting, identifying and running RPA initiatives. Furthermore, you will see how UiPath’s Automation platform provides essential insight into which Automations are having the biggest impact and providing the greatest benefit thereby helping to refine future Automation Strategy.
Join this virtual meetup to learn how you can maximise SAP processes by integrating UiPath’s RPA platform to drive efficiencies. Here is what we will cover:
  • Types of Automation (Industrial, Virtual Support, Digital Assistant)
  • Typical RPA use cases for SAP: Finance, SCM, HR and IT
  • Where to look for the ideal RPA use case by business area (heatmap)
  • Demo of UiPath’s Automation Hub tool which enables you to discover, prioritise and manage automation use cases
  • Overcoming common challenges encountered during the RPA journey
  • Discover UiPath Automation Hub Insights – analytics tool



Name: Nick Champion

Job Title: Director & Lead Consultant

Company: AG



Name: Luigi Grossi

Job Title: Innovation Lead

Company: AG


Event Topics: Webinar


Supercharge SAP with RPA


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